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Guest of OMÜ Media Talks AA Photojournalist Abdullah Coşkun

Anadolu Agency (AA) Photojournalist Abdullah Coşkun was the first guest of the Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Media Talks in the fall semester, which hosted many experienced figures from the press industry.

The consultancy of the interview, which was held on-line through the Google Meet application, was Dr. Instructor While its member Ahmet Faruk Çeçen; Aslıhan Çağla Kılıçlı, a student of the Department of Journalism from the OMU Media Talks team, was the moderator. In the program, which was followed with interest, Abdullah Coşkun talked about photography editorial and photojournalism.

AA Foto Muhabiri Coşkun, ilk olarak katılımcıların sorusu üzerine savaş muhabirliğine dair “Bir savaş bölgesinde savaş muhabiri ya da foto muhabiri olarak görev aldıysanız öncelikle bunun eğitimini alıyorsunuz. Size orada nasıl davranmanız gerektiği ve soğukkanlılığınızı nasıl koruyacağınız anlatılıyor. Gazetecilik, sadece savaş bölgelerinde değil, aslında her yerde birtakım zorluklara göğüs geren bir meslek.” değerlendirmesinde bulundu.

“Photojournalist chases after autograph”

AA Photojournalist Abdullah Coşkun stated that everyone in the press sector wants their signature to be included in the work they do, “Even though in this sector, their hard work is rewarded financially, every journalist actually wants to put their signature on their work. But this is very difficult, especially in photography. You have to reflect your own style in the photo you take. As a matter of fact, the photojournalist runs after the signature.” said.

Stating that Turkey lags behind the world media, Coşkun said, “The biggest problem in Turkey is that the photographs taken are not signed. Without a signature, that photo remains anonymous, and ultimately this causes the photo to be shared in many places. That's why photos must have signatures." used the phrases.

Referring to the differences in working in the agency and the newspaper, Coşkun continued his speech, “You have a certain time interval in the newspaper. For example, you need to prepare the news for the next day's newspaper, but you have to be faster in the agency. You need to reach a current event instantly and reliably deliver it to newspapers and news bulletins. For example, when there is an earthquake, the agency immediately goes there and takes pictures and gets information. A reporter can go and talk about his life story in two days.” gave his words.

“Photo editors must be from the field”

Coşkun, who suggested that the photography editorship in Turkey is not in a very good condition, pointed out that the photo editors should be experts who have done photography in the field and said, “The photo editor is responsible for the photographs taken by the photographer. For this, you need to read photography, and doing it is a completely different art. In many newspapers in our country, photographs that do not have much to do with the news are served. This naturally lowers the quality.” he said.

source: https://www.omu.edu.tr/tr/icerik/haber/omu-medya-sohbetlerinin-konugu-aa-foto-muhabiri-abdullah-coskun